Public Initiative For Empowerment and Development (PIED)

Empowering Youths For Meaningful and Sustainable Development

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Fundamentalprinciplesa)  Collaboration: we embrace unity in theachievement of the vision, mission, objectives and strategic plans of PIED, andwork with partners to leverage our organizational strength in making adifference for the community in realizing organizational goals and objectives

b)  Humanity: We respect and valuemankind, human dignity and diversity

c)  Integrity: We exercise highest level ofintegrity in communication and publicity. We also aspire to live the higheststandards of personal honesty and reliability, to keep our reputation and imagein the best interest of our target population.

d)  Ambition:We stand for achieving the highest level of our objectives and goalsquantitatively and qualitatively.

e)  Creativity: We are open to new ideas,change, and we take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for andwith the community.

f)   Effectiveness and efficiency: We aim at beingtimely in meeting our objectives and goals in response to community needs.

g)  Impartiality: we esteem in provision of fair andequal access to our services with no form of 

     any discrimination as to nationality, race,religion, class or political affiliations.

h)  Respect for confidentiality and privacy: Personaland official data shall be kept securely to

    ensure confidentiality

i)    Transparency and accountability: We takepersonal responsibility to our supporters, partners and, most of all, thecommunity, in using our resources transparently and accountably in achievingmeasurable results

j)    Universality: The organization seeks to promoteand operate its activities worldwide.

k)  Neutrality: As a nonpartisan organization, wemay not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of apolitical, racial, religious or ideological nature in order to continue toenjoying the confidence of all.

Benefits of being PIED member:    

a)      Generateemployment /create employment opportunities through entrepreneurship.

b)     Access to capital/grants/financial sources, market,marketing information, new technologies, space and equipments.

c)      Contributetowards the GrossDomestic Product i.e. the total market value ofall finalgoods and servicesproduced in a country ina given year, equal to total consumer, investment and governmentspending, plus the value of exports, minus thevalue of imports.

d)    Generate revenue for the government through payment oftax

e)     Capacity building across all fields e.g. trainingmembers for business, craftwork and other skills

f)      Improve  standardof living by alleviating poverty

g)     Reduced rate of crime by engaging the community to work

h)     Exploitation of  locally available resources for the commongood and development of the nation

i)       Distribution of income or resources in the society

j)       Create a friendly environment for a harmoniouscoexistence irrespective of social, political or religious stratifications.

k)      Buildand bridge peace through cultural exchange, sports, conflict resolution andmanagement






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