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Campaign against hiv/aids infection among general population in Kamukunji constituency. the training was held at Fresh and Friendly Hotel Nairobi

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Participants during the behaviour change communication (BCC) on 29/09/12 with the aim of campaigna gainst hiv/aids infection among general population in Kamukunji constituency. the training was held at Fresh and Friendly Hotel Nairobi

PIED new initiative to To enhance community empowerment and development by providing quality, sustainable and affordable services through rational drug use & general healthcare

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Business description

The name of the business will becalled “Jamii Healthcare Centre (JHC)”and the business will be located in Ongata Rongai town as determined by theBoard. The business will be owned by PIED in partnership with Nairobi PioneerBusiness Club which is a youth group with business acumen to reduce povertythrough entrepreneurship

Marketing plan

The business will target allclasses of particularly the low income earners who constitute the majority ofthe residents and the suburbs of Ongata Rongai. From observation, it has beennoted that the people in that locality prefer buying drugs from chemists ratherthan going to hospital. In addition, the low cost quality healthcare servicesto be offered by Jamii Healthcare Centre (JHC) are cost effective andaffordable by all classes of people. The facility will be strategically locatedin a well networked place to allow accessibility by clients and suppliers. PIEDand the Partner will use various promotion strategies to promote the businesslike selling at affordable price, advertisement through media, fliers,brochures and newspapers. With a start-up capital of KSHs.2, 968,348.34, the owner expects to get a net profit of 7,875,190/= for the first 3 months of the business,and may stabilize at 10,000,000/= per annum.

Organization and management plan

PIED and the Partner will provideoverall management of the business with the support of top professional andtechnical management personnel from the membership as well as from the community,comprising of 14 Staff Members.

Operation Plan

Once licensed to operate, thebusiness will be launched with initial start personnel of 8 staff members, CEO included.The execution plan will be implemented in 6 months to achieve full operational status.This will include site selection, licensing, website development, hiring,training and administering staff, advertising opening of the facility foroperation.

Financial plan

The desired financing will be pre-operational cost and workingcapital which amounts to KShs.2, 968,348.34. The proposed capitalization will be from owner’s equity of KShs. 500,000 and borrowing a loan of KShs.2, 468,348.34 from Youth EnterpriseDevelopment Fund and other Partners.